Why Trees

Trees are the answer: Trees are one of the most beautiful and powerful life-giving forces on this planet. Without trees, life would be impossible and unimaginable. They do a lot more than providing us with fresh air to breathe. To understand the concept, just imagine life without trees or the other sources of nature. We along with other species are totally dependent upon them, knowing this still, we are ignorant towards their preservation and their growth.

We are species with a current population of more than 8 billion, and we’re growing more in numbers every second. Our individualistic needs and desires have also been increasing exponentially. Everything we need or desire comes from this planet, the air we breathe that comes from the trees, the important source of this planet without which we can’t live for a minute, so the question that arises is for how long will our planet and its sources are able to fulfill our unending needs and desires? If we continue to ignore their importance in our life.

We claim to love, peace and happiness, express a desire to live in harmony, but at the same time, we are not taking care of the sources that the planet provides for us. We are destroying the basic sources which have been provided to us by the mother nature, what to talk of preserving it or redeveloping it when we are damaging the same for our selfish interest and are still in continuing the process of destroying the basic sources instead of recovering the damages. To put things in perspective, this essentially is no different than a man sitting on the wrong side of the branch of a tree that he is cutting off or digging holes in the ship he is sailing in. In either case, man will suffer, he will be surely in the pain.

Let us be clear; trees are the main basic source of life on this Earth. All the problems which we have created till now, can be fixed by giving more attention towards the sources of nature and its preservation. Trees are the main source and constantly at work for us, but in return, we have never given a single thought about its perseveration and growth. Let us come together and listen to what mother nature has been trying to tell us, save the sources of nature, as we have drifted apart from our roots that lie with nature, or we can say we are forgetting the importance of the sources of nature that our planet has gifted us. It’s not too late even if we start today, we can preserve it, just we need to integrate with nature once again to find peace, happiness and the fresh air/ atmosphere that our ancestors had enjoyed. Let’s start to plant some trees and save ourselves, our future generations, fellow living species and our beautiful planet.

Preserve trees, preserve nature, preserve life for the generation to come.

So, plant trees for a positive change.

“Wisdom comes from knowledge
Knowledge is a ledge to know
Ledge is a legion of steps and
Steps are the moments of life”

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