P, P, and F stands for past, present, and future. The human race has been living on this planet for millions of years and in all these years. We’ve learned and grown as a species. However, even after all these years of evolution and knowledge, we are still not able to put things in perspective about what humans should and should not do for the greater good of the whole planet.

Our priorities have shrunk down to the material greed that we are not able to see beyond our personal interest, how we are always playing against our greater good and even not realizing that. As a consequence, we have fallen into a pit of suffering, dug by our own selfish actions. We have made our life so complicated with superficial things that we are unable to see where our actions are leading us to; a choking future.

We alone, are responsible for the horrible fate that awaits us, sooner rather than later. The man has been blessed with a conscience, which enables him to make choices both good and bad. Today we stand at the crossroads, one on which we shall continue as we are now and lead our planet to its destruction or the other path where we make some changes to turn the planet into a better place for all beings to live in.

One does not require a great imagination to picture our future as a civilization, with our greed, inequality, hate, and negativity. We need to change our ways, otherwise, humanity won’t be able to escape its terrible fate. If we decide, all of us, to bring change, we still have the time and opportunity to overcome the threat. We need to come together as one and let go of all the things that divide us. Call them Gods or nature, but they made us all the same and equal. As a species, we need to understand this and learn from our past in order to create a better present and save the future. The past is gone and buried in history, but the present is always in our hands and we have a future to look forward to. Now the choice is ours, to build or destroy, or to preserve or perish.

trees for a change

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