TFL welcomes everyone with open arms into our group of tree/ nature lovers.

If you feel that what we are trying to do here at TFL can make a difference, we’d like you to join our initiative and contribute to our cause in any way you can. You can take the first, easiest and the most important step by becoming a member of Tree for Life.

Being a member of our organization will provide you with a platform where you can play an active part in saving nature and the environment. We encourage our members to participate and volunteer work in various activities that we undertake such as:

Volunteer for planting

Voluntary group meetings

Voluntary guidance

Spreading the word to the world and making people aware

Spreading positivity & knowledge through the TFL app

Meditation camps


Rediscover yourself

The personal experience of Tree for Life community with meditation has been amazing. When there’s a lot of worldly stress and life gets unstable, a complete overhaul of emotions, thoughts and energy is necessary which is possible through meditation.


There’s a stage in meditation when a person reaches a complete understanding of himself and the universe. That’s the point when a person’s life changes, he/she becomes more aware of their self and starts caring more about the world around him/her. Now everything become unconditional, we get to know difference between conditional love and unconditional love, in other sense one gains the supreme knowledge which resides in each individual according to their purity of energies, emotions and thoughts because every experience of our life generates from these 3 aspects.


What is meditation?


Meditation is a technique to cleanse energy, emotions and thoughts of an individual. Meditation does not belong to any specific culture, person or place, it’s a universal technique which has been with us for millions of years. It was very popular in countries like India, China, Egypt, South America and many more. It’s good that more people are understanding this and implementing meditation in their daily life. Meditation connects a person with nature, a person becomes one with the nature and the nature subsides in him.


Many people think it’s a very hard process and time consuming, but that’s not the truth. One should understand that if you don’t have time for your well being then how you can help others, if someone isn’t happy then it’s not easy to spread happiness. That’s also one of the reasons why we started this platform to help others in their daily needs so that they can give some time and attention to their self, start meditation for their good and for everyone around them, as it became clear to us that if we want to change the world then everyone has to change themselves first.


Through this platform we will guide you how you can meditate and get to know yourself and all the qualities you have in you , we will achieve this by playing a simple game based on base qualities/ values of any relationship in this world( truth, trust, loyalty and tolerance), as now through this platform you are creating a relationship with your tree who will guide and help you in various ways. But you have to be positive and share your positivity with others and help the community to arise from suffering, corruption, greed, disease, hunger and inequality.

Growing Tree

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