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Tree for life is backed up by Aryan Holding Group. An effort to bring people together to safeguard trees and spread awareness about meditation. We want to safeguard the neglected communities and change the world with a positive approach.

There are things in this world which we are ignoring right away. Every second we are drifting away from nature, trees are being cut to be converted into products that are vain and not long lasting. Processed food and mind-altering substances are as popular as ever.  Living with nature and meditating makes you see the world more clearly.

The world is neglecting both the old and the new generation. While the old generation is neglected, we have doomed the newer generation with excessive pollution and lack of trees. With its rewards programs and plans for the future, Tree for Life plans to cater to the needs of the young and old people. Through the Tree for Life app, users can redeem rewards as their Tree goes to work for them.


Tree for Life is a diligent group of people and companies who have come together to try and save trees and nature. Our founding company, ARYAN HOLDING GROUP (AHG) is leading this whole project along with the able assistance of our branch companies and partners. Our goal is to share resources through this platform so that bigger goals like global change can be achieved.

In order to generate resources, besides the contribution of AHG and its partners, we have designed a social media gaming application known as TFL APP which will be launched by the end of the year. This app is designed to make people aware of the achievement and success of TFL. This app will be secure and will have the ability to fulfill the user's needs with a positive approach. All the resources and contribution gathered through this app will go directly to the cause and we are working towards coming up with even more products to help our noble cause. We have started with a positive approach and hope that it will give positive results to our planet's community.

We thank you all irrespective of whether you participate with us or not, as long as you try to make this world a better place for all of us.


Munish Sharma


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